Our mission is to provide vulnerable adults with Learning disabilities, Autism, Mental health and challenging behaviour with a homely service that will enable them live their lives to the full given a personalised and engaging service. It is for this reason that we provide residents with a background staff-to-client ratio of 1:1 most day-time and 2:1 during evening and nights.

Service User Profile

We provide specialist support for people with:

  • Autism
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Mental Health Illness

Service User Homes

Provides community based support for adults with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, challenging behaviour and mental health illness. Our homes cater for adults over 18 years of age.

Our homes are located in a quiet environment, yet within reach of a vibrant and diverse community with accessible transport links. Our homes have been thoughtfully and lovingly converted for purpose. We pride ourselves in providing homes that are clean and in good decorative order. We make every effort to ensure that our residents’ rooms are suitable for their needs and are furnished to accommodate their belongings.


Each resident is assigned a key worker as part of their comprehensive care package. Their key workers work with them to ensure that they have prompt access to our expansive range and variety of activities, structured or unstructured. We proactively support residents in the development of personal hobbies as well as create a bridge between them and the community where they can actively participate in accessing community based activities and resources, such as parks, leisure centres, libraries, specialist facilities, and etc. We also support them to engage in a suitable voluntary work-based activity where appropriate.

A typical activity table

Day            Activities
Monday     Day Centre / College Cinema
Tuesday    Organized walks / Group activity
Wednesday Arts Therapy / In-house activity
Thursday   Day Centre / College / Bowling
Friday        Day Centre / College
Saturday   Housework / Hair - Cut / Beauty Therapy / Swimming
Sunday     Church / Cinema / Pub Dinner
Contact with Family and friends

Each home has a communal lounge where contact can be facilitated between residents and their relatives or friends, family members are welcome to visit residents at their homes. Family members are welcome to dine with residents whenever they choose. To protect the privacy and dignity of our residents, our homes have visiting times and house rules which we expect every visitor to the home to observe.

Our Staff

Our staff are among our most valuable assets. To optimise their capabilities, staff are given comprehensive induction training before commencing employment with us. Induction includes mandatory training, project specific induction to ensure that staff are familiar with the layout of the homes, fire procedures, health and safety regulations at work, basic life support, and etc.

We provide a structured career progression which includes registering and supporting staff for diploma programmes

For compliance and continuous improvement on the job, we carryout regular New starter Inductions, spot checks, supervisions and appraisals. We also hold regular team meetings with staff. Team meetings give us the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges relating to specific clients/homes as well as brain storm on solutions and outcomes.

Referral and Support Management

We provide residents with 24hours a day service and 365 days and nights each year to meet their holistic needs. Our staffing ratio ensures that there is adequate staff cover to cope with routine service delivery, take on new referrals even at short notice, as well as provide emergency out-of-hours service support. We have a dedicated line for referring authorities to make referrals. We will normally arrange a professional assessment within 48hrs of any referral and on the same day for emergency referral. We have an identified manager or designated person who, at all times, takes responsibility for decision making on behalf of our organisation.

On receipt of an enquiry, one of our managers will liaise with the referrer in order to take initial history of the resident and establish that the potential service user meets our basic criteria for admission.

A brochure is sent out and an assessment visit is arranged with the resident and their stakeholders (e.g. parents, advocates, key worker, etc.) either at their current home or family home. Following assessment, a personalised care plan and risk management documents are drawn up, the care plan and risk assessment captures the unique and dynamic needs of the individual as well as provide management with a blueprint on how best to deliver the individuals care and support needs. Based on transition protocol, tea visits and overnight stay is arranged. Transition protocol gives the resident an opportunity to meet with staff members and fellow residents as well as have a feel for the home. Following the transition protocol, costing and proposal is made to the referring authority.

On moving to Florida house, residents may choose to bring personal items such as: furniture’s, plants, pictures, etc. we record all items on a property checklist which is kept in the residents file. In line with most referring authority protocol, all new residents are subject to a 6-week review, the essence of the review is to ascertain whether the resident will be placed permanently in the home. This review is usually chaired by the resident’s social worker and attended by the resident, their stakeholders and Florida House staff. The review provides an opportunity for all to review how the support needs of the residents are being met and also agree on how to move forward on any potential difficulties that may have arisen during the previous 6 weeks as well as give everyone an opportunity to allay concerns, ask questions, and further develop the residents care and support plan.

Care Quality