Our Vision

To enable independent living for vulnerable adults via accommodation based support whilst encouraging community integration and delivering social value to the host community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide vulnerable adults with Learning disabilities, Autism, Mental health and challenging behaviour with a homely service that enables them live their lives to the full and as near normal as possible like everyone else within a community setting.

Our Objectives Learning Disabilities:

  • To deliver a Person Centred and Outcome Based support
  • To promote and develop independent living skills that supports the individual maintain independence for as long as possible
  • To carry-out a proper assessment of need, to exercise good care management and to promote a high quality of care service
  • To support staff in the promotion of lifelong learning and development

Our Objectives Mental Health:

  • To facilitate recovery, reablement and rehabilitation that will enable the individual regain and retain personal control and independence
  • To facilitate recovery, reablement and rehabilitation that will reduce the need for long-term support and help people learn to live with and manage long-term mental health conditions

Our Code of Values:

1.To achieve the highest possible standards of excellence regarding the care of our Service Users

2.We believe that a prerequisite for those involved with the organisation is that they genuinely care about others

3.We believe in Care in the Community and that those in need who choose to remain living in their own home should be given every assistance to do so as securely and as comfortably as possible

4.To ensure that the dignity and value of every Service User must be recognised and respected at all times

5.We believe that challenges provide an invaluable learning experience from which we can derive great benefit for the future

6.We believe that teamwork is likely to achieve greater results than individuals working on their own

7.We believe that honesty and integrity are vital ingredients of everything we say and do

8.We believe that everyone associated with us should be treated in a fair, friendly and firm way

9.We believe that the care of our Service Users takes precedence over all other things

Service Users have the rights to expectations:

  • Service users supported to find suitable accommodation, arrange and manage tenancies
  • Service users will be placed on the priority list of Housing Associations and other landlords that Health Personnel work with
  • To have care provided appropriate to their needs by staff whose education, experience, training and attitudes make them suitable for such a role and who will provide care in a friendly, appropriate and respectful manner
  • To be treated as an individual, to make their own decisions on matters which affect them, and to participate as fully as possible (with the help of a friend or relative if so desired) in drawing up a care plan, reviewing it, and agreeing any modification
  • To remain living in their own home if that is their wish
  • To have the right to say who will and who will not enter their home
  • To have personal privacy for their belongings and their affairs
  • To be listened to at all times and to have their thoughts, opinions and attitudes respected and considered
  • To have their values, beliefs and chosen lifestyles respected at all times
  • To have their personal dignity respected at all times irrespective of any physical or mental disability
  • To be encouraged to be as independent as possible, to be allowed to take risks and to live a lifestyle which is, as far as possible, geared to their personal choice and preference
  • Not to be discriminated against for any reason such as race, age, colour, religion, sexual orientation, physical and financial circumstances and to have all such needs respected and accepted
  • To have access to friends, relatives, religious leaders and to be assisted, where necessary in making such arrangements
  • To recognise and fully understand the needs and rights of relatives and friends caring for someone else and help them and them decide how these can best be met
  • To have access to personal files and information held about them
  • To have access to a formal complaints process and to be represented by a relative/friend/advisor
  • To have access to an interpreter or interpreting service if required
Care Quality